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Environmental Art

Keep Greenville County Beautiful has three Environmental Sculptures by Myrtle Beach artist, Jim Swaim. These sculptures join ten other similar pieces across the state of South Carolina.  Swaim’s unique work dramatizes the issue of plastic litter within our communities and engages the guests who visit these recreational areas about the harmful side-effects of single-use plastic bottles.
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Beaver Sculpture 

Location: Conestee Nature Preserve 

Name: Justin Beaver 

You can find Justin Beaver welcoming guests to the main entrance (E2) of Conestee Nature Preserve. Justin is hard at work sparking discussions and motiving each of us to reflect on the issues litter and plastic debris causes to wildlife that call Conestee Nature Preserve home.
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Rabbit Sculpture 

Location: Swamp Rabbit Café

Name: Swampy the Rabbit 

Swampy the Rabbit is located on the Swamp Rabbit Trail near the Swamp Rabbit Café. The plastic bottles that fill this sculpture were collected during litter cleanups near the trail in an effort to heighten awareness of the need for all of us to practice appropriate disposal of our trash while using the trail system.
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Fox Sculpture 

Location: Greer City Park  

Name: Bailey the Fox 

Bailey the Fox is our newest addition to the environmental art pieces in Greenville. You can find Bailey the Fox front and center as you drive up to Greer City Park.  This fox is proudly standing guard against litter as he welcomes guests to the park. Bailey is the mascot of an entire anti-litter campaign in the City of Greer. 
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