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Tennis Ball Recycling 

Nationwide, approximately 125 million used tennis balls wind up in America’s landfills every year. Keep Greenville County Beautiful (KGCB) knows tennis players will recycle all of their tennis balls if convenient courtside bins are available. KGCB has teamed up with local tennis facilities to place collection bins throughout Greenville County. 

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Tennis Ball

How it Works

Keep Greenville County Beautiful joined the Recycle Balls network by installing convenient tennis ball collection bins at facilities around Greenville County. Collected tennis balls are shipped to Recycle Balls to be processed. Some tennis balls are sold and reused as dog balls, but most of the balls are ground up into "rubber crumb" that is used in the construction of tennis courts, equestrain arenas, playground areas, and much more. 

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Tennis Ball Recycling Locations

  • The Pavillion - 400 Scottswood Rd

  • Butler Springs Park - 301 Butler Springs Rd

  • Cleveland Park - 20 Lakehurst St

  • McPherson Park- 120 E Park Ave

  • Gower Park - 24 Evelyn Ave

  • Holmes Park- 112 Holmes Dr

Tennis Racket and Ball
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Pile of Tennis Balls

The Impact 

6 Facilities 

This tennis ball recycling program provides convenient court-side recycling bins to nearly 8,700 tennis players a year in Greenville County. 

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