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Litter Prevention and Cleanup

Litter is a constant and endless stuggle in Greenville County, but we are not alone. Litter is an issue which plagues most counties, states, and countries around the world.  At Keep Greenville County Beautiful, we have tasked ourselves with finding proven and tested solutions from around the world and applying them here in Greenville County.

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Litter Cleanup

The more beautiful and clean an area is, the less likely people are to litter. This is why we work closely with a number of government entities to advocate for litter cleanup.  

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Litter Enforcement

PalmettoPride sponsors a statewide Litter Busters Hotline so you can report litter violations. The program is made possible thanks to the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV).

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Volunteers are a vital part of Keep Greenville County Beautiful. Our volunteers are our best advocates in the community. It is our hope you will become part of our team dedicated litter solution advocates.

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