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Our Programs 

There are three areas of focus for the Keep Greenville County Beautiful (KGCB) affiliate, as determined by Keep America Beautiful. They are litter, beautification, and recycling. At KGCB, we have designed our programs to support our mission. 

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Litter Program 

Keep Greenville County Beautiful's main focus is litter prevention and cleanup. We strive to find and build solutions to the litter issues Greenville County faces. 

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Beautification Program 

Our  goal is for all the citizens to take pride in the beauty Greenville County has to offer.  At KGCB, we have, and continue to, lead the beautification of our county. 

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Recycling Program 

There are a number of recycling programs in Greenville County. We are proud to join the effort through our tennis ball recycling program. 

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