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About Us 

The purpose of our work is to better understand our goals and develop sound strategies to achieve them. It's our hope that our vision, mission and objective will help direct our growth in a positive and effective way. 

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Our Vision

A litter free Greenville County.

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Our Mission

Inspire the citizens of Greenville County to take actions every day to prevent litter.  

Support the citizens of Greenville County to reverse the negative effects of litter.

Educate the younger generations about littering and inspire environmental stewardship.

Provide attainable litter prevention solutions and resources to the citizens of Greenville County.

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Our Objectives

Unite the litter stakeholders of Greenville County to develop common approaches to tackling litter issues.

Enhance the effectiveness of litter prevention initiatives around Greenville County by combining the expertise and experience of county, state, and national organizations.


Create attainable, everyday, solutions and resources for the citizens of Greenville County.


Provide citizens and businesses with opportunities to collaborate with and support KGCB and its initiatives.


Reverse the negative effects of litter through funding and organizing volunteer litter cleanup events throughout Greenville County.

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